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The Power of Ambition: From Vision to Reality 2/4

Ambition is often considered the driving force behind success. It’s the burning desire to achieve something great, to push beyond our limits, and to leave our mark on the world. But, is ambition always a positive force? And, can our ambition lead us astray?

Ambition is very individual and complex in its nature. It challenges ourselves to think critically about our own drive, forces, motivations and at the same time brings the best and worse version of ourselves to the surface. But let me explain a little more …

Defining Success on Your Own Terms

Before we can truly pursue our ambitions, we need to define what success means to us. Make it personal and be real with yourself. Society often tells us that success is defined by wealth, status, and power. However, true success is much more personal and individual. Just think about, what was your ambition to get to that specific job, or why did you want to become a stay-at-home-mother so much? Why do we do the things we do, why do we choose those career paths, that we’re on right now?

Ambition may help us finding meaning in our work, cultivating deep relationships, or making a positive impact on the world through our actions, prayers, deeds, [insert your action of choice]. Therefore, it’s important to take the time to reflect on what success (professional & private) means to us and to make sure that our ambitions are aligned with our specific and personal / individual definition of success. By doing so, we can avoid getting caught up in the rat race and instead focus on what truly matters.

You know what I’m talking about – the disappointments we were all going through at some point. Well, what if you didn’t align your ambition with the goal? Thought about that for a second? It takes some time to let that sink in, but once you got it, it will make your next step more smooth.

The many Sides of Ambition

Ambition is a critical ingredient in the recipe for success, both in our personal and professional lives. It’s the spark that ignites our passion, drives us to take action, and propels us towards our goals. Given the many tributaries of ambition, it’s important to approach our ambition with clarity and intentionality. In our professional lives, ambition can help us to climb the corporate ladder, earn more money, and gain recognition for our work. While ambition can be a powerful motivator, it can also have “another” side. When left unchecked, ambition can turn into an obsession, driving us to pursue success at all costs. We may sacrifice our health, relationships, and values (careful with this!!) in the pursuit of our goals. Moreover, if we do achieve our goals, we may find ourselves feeling unfulfilled, always striving for more – never “winning” the race.

This is not to say that ambition is inherently bad. However, we need to be aware of the potential pitfalls and ensure that our ambition is aligned with our values and priorities.

Make it your own – be ambitious in every aspect of your life

Let’s look a little longer in the mirror and get into that “personal space”, because ambition is equally important in our personal lives. It’s what inspires us to learn new skills, pursue new hobbies, and explore new horizons. It drives us to set goals and to work towards them, whether that’s running a marathon, learning a new language, raising good (respectful, godly, smart, etc. etc.) children, being a good friend, or pursuing new personal achievements, etc. Ambition can help us to build stronger relationships with others and find greater meaning and purpose for our lives.

Like I pointed our earlier … it’s important to approach ambition with balance and perspective. We need to be mindful of our values, priorities, and limitations (!!), and ensure that our ambition is aligned with these factors. We also need to guard against negative forms of ambition, such as greed, ego, and comparison, which can lead down a destructive path.

But when ambition is harnessed in a positive and balanced way, it can be a powerful force for good in our lives and the impact we will have. It can help us to unlock our full potential, achieve our goals, and much more. Don’t be afraid to embrace your ambition, both in your professional and personal life. Let it guide you towards success and fulfillment, and see where the journey takes you.

Editors personal note:
The Power of Faith paired with Ambition

As a Christian, I have to consider the role of faith in ambition. We are called to pursue excellence and to use our gifts and talents given to us. However, we must do so with wisdom and discernment. I strongly believe, that God has a purpose for our lives, and that our ambition should be aligned with this purpose. Trusting God with our Vision & Ambition does (surely) not mean that we will always achieve our goals or that we will never face obstacles. However, it does mean that we can approach our ambitions with a sense of trust and surrender.

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