Be different as young leading woman

The reason, why it matters to differ.

A Cover Letter – Applying for a young-women-leading-program.

I haven’t done this for a long time. I mean, writing a cover letter to explain why I want to do and be a part of something so badly! Most of the time in my jobs or educational progress I just did things, because I was sure and concerned about the success and the impact the results will have.

This brings me straight to the point.

There are so many people (also politicians) and institutions talking about leadership and women in leading positions. But almost everybody considers only the 35+ to 40+ generation of women capable to get such a leading-job which means, that the expectations are very high. But who ever said, that young women are less capable to slip into a leading position or that they not able to aim high?

I personally think, that the world or economic and political system we are living in, needs more inspirational and young leading women. Not because it seems to be a trend for Start-Ups around the globe to have young women in leading positions but because there is so much potential in exactly this motivated women! This workshop / program could be one of the first seriously taken movements, that could change the mindset of people who are not believing in the strong power that young women are able to provide. I think that it is important, to teach the older and now „reigning“ generation and show them exactly (if they want to see it or not) what we – as strong young women – are able to do and change. We have to re-position or strengthen the image of leading women in the society and this fast-changing world.

So many trends, so much communication & information – an overload of work and To-Do’s go along with us every day. But the reason why I want to be part of a changing process is because there is so much more than just To-Do’s and information overload.

I strongly believe, that young now-semi-professional women are able to solve problems, that the actual-leading-women are not able to solve in 3 to 5 years.

Challenging what?

The simple description of a challenging situation, where I had to demonstrate my leadership skills – every single day.

As I am self-employed and started my company only a year ago there were a lot of challenging situations. A lot of people only kept in mind, that I am 24 years old and that I am the CEO of a communication agency – but nothing more. So there were a lot of potential customers that told me, that they would like to be consulted by older people and „older“ agencies because they thought, that age is the symbol for success. But I assure you – it’s not! I have to represent myself as a confident and capable young-leading-woman to show, that I will make a difference for their company and help them to reach their customers and target groups at every touchpoint they have. So I continue trying to be an example and re-educate the austrian digital society, that it is more than important and for sure possible to make a difference as a young-leading-woman.

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